Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant - Introduction (CEPH1)

This entry-level course is an 9 week online introduction to designing healthy and energy efficient homes. It will help students to understand the leading order factors in building energy use, and enable them to creatively employ their understanding of energy efficiency fundamentals. The skills gained are a precondition for proceeding to the final preparation course for the examination as Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant.

On passing the test for this course, you will receive a Certificate of Successful Course Completion and an invitation to continue with your education.

  • Surface to volume ratio: the geometric dimension of energy efficiency.
  • Thermal building physics: what makes houses maintain warmth?
  • Ventilation: energy efficient options for fresh air.
  • Hot water: options to further reduce CO2.
  • Indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency: where is the connection?
  • The social dimension of energy efficient housing.
  • Passive Houses: the spearhead of energy efficient housing.

You will receive a printable copy of the lecture slides, and instructions for further learning in your own time.

02 March 2021, 18:00 start
Course fee: NZ$1,707.75, inclusive of 15% GST

Specific requirements:
Laptop with wireless capacity, office software and THERM (free software) installed.

Secondary school education. Experience in the building sector is also highly recommended for a successful course completion. 
If you have already have the skills to be acquired in this course, consider registering for the Exam Preparation Course instead. Take the test!