Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant - Exam preparation course (CEPH2)

The exam preparation course, while blending online and classroom learning in the past, will be completely online for the time being. There will be 4 self-directed weeks of online learning, and 12 weeks of online lectures (2 hours per week), as well as self-directed online learning modules in between lectures. The course builds on material discussed in CEPH1, but goes into more detail. It is structured along the learning targets for the Certified Passive House Designer exam, which can be obtained here.
Immediately after course completion, students have the option of sitting the externally assessed exam leading to the internationally recognised qualification Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant.
Please be discouraged from enrolling without possession of the prerequisites. If you have not completed a course of study listed below, you need comparable skills to be successful in this course.
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Online training commences on 04 August 2020. The video lectures will start in the week from 31 August 2020. Lectures will be scheduled for a time that works for most (poll). While it is preferable that you attend lectures when they are scheduled, lectures will be recorded, and you still have the option of asking questions on the online forum if you missed the live opportunity. Shorter, instructional videos will complement the streamed lectures.

Additional charges for the optional examination on 04 December 2020 (NZ$690) apply. It is furthermore necessary to buy a copy of the latest Passive House Planning Package.

While successfully completing this course increases the chances of passing the externally assessed exam significantly, it is no guarantee. The exam is notoriously tough.

When: Online training from 04 August 2020.
Video lectures: from calendar week 36 (31 August 2020) to calendar week 49 (30 November 2020).

Where: Online

Course fee: NZ$2,618.55, including 15% GST = $341.55.

Specific requirements: Laptop, PHPP software and handbook, fast internet connection. Prerequisites: (CEPH1) Introduction course or successful completion of either ARCH 6623 or ARCH 8623 (Unitec)
Alternatively, a demonstration that the skills gained from successfully completing these courses are mastered (online test).