Bite-size Passive House

Passive House is the most rigorously researched building standard in the world! 

Keen to know more about Passive House, but not interested in attending certification courses? With this online seminar series, we are offering a solid introduction for technical and non-technical participants alike. Pick the whole series or only the parts you are most interested in!

31 May 2022: Underlying concepts, basic criteria, design and planning, energy balance.
07 June 2022: Insulation and glazing.
15 June 2022: Thermal bridging, airtightness.
22 June 2022: Ventilation, case studies.

Seminars run from 7pm to 8:30pm each day.

Pricing: $55 per bite, $165 for the series (both 15% GST inclusive)

You will receive a printable copy of the lecture slides, and instructions for further learning in your own time.

Specific requirements:
This course is delivered via Zoom. You need a device with Zoom installed to attend.

None. This is a course for laypersons.