Advanced PHPP

You have been working with PHPP for a while, but are not confident that you use its full potential?
There are some cells where you are unsure what to enter?
You have a hunch that there could be easier ways of working with PHPP?

This is the workshop for you!

Taught by New Zealand's only Passive House certifier, there is no more authoritative source of PHPP knowledge in the country - an opportunity not to be missed!

You will learn about:

  • PHPP built in checking features to catch mistakes early
  • Excel: Goal Seek and Data Tables
  • How to setup/activate Variants
  • How to enter design options or retrofit measures into the Variant worksheet in PHPP 9
  • Heat Pumps for DHW and air-to-air for heating
  • Unconditioned spaces - use of Temperature Zone X
  • Shading - pitfalls: which bar graph to trust
  • Multiple ventilation units, multiple foundation types
  • Non-standard windows - flow path to success
  • Louver shading the easy way
  • EnerPHit pre-certification process; transferring PHPP data into the EnerPHit Retrofit Plan (ERP)
and - time allowing:
  • Entering thermal bridges and which ones matter most
  • Use of the Comparison worksheet to evaluate economic efficiency of retrofit measures
Note: the course is not suited for PHPP beginners!

7 credit points for Certified Consultants, Designers and Tradespersons: K091-2017-NZ

When: Friday, 10 November 2017, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Where: Auckland, Kingsland

Regular fee: NZ$550 (includes GST)

Specific requirements: Laptop, PHPP 9 software installed, PHPP handbook.